2024 Exhibit Rotation: Revised Museum Hours

Dear Historical Society Members and History Lovers,

Our visitors have been asking us for quite some time to re-think what is on display in our museum, and how it is displayed. As I mentioned in my 2024 President’s Letter, we’ve started a plan to re-imagine all of our exhibits in the months and years ahead. I am thankful to announce that our volunteers have gained significant steam moving this re-imagination forward.

Visitors to museums of any kind, however, aren’t interested in seeing empty spaces and signs that say “New displays coming soon!” It therefore makes sense for us to do what all museums must do from time to time: suspend our standard public hours until we are finished with our exhibit rotation. This does not mean that we are closed! We remain committed to our mission to be a resource for the community, and if you wish to visit the museum for research projects, we ask that you reach out to Interim Curator Bill Lane at 585-694-8236 to schedule a time to visit during our Wednesday morning work hours, when our volunteer staff will be available to guide you to what you need.

Our current plan is to resume standard public operating hours (2-4pm) on Sunday May 19, 2024. This date is subject to change, so please check back here and on Facebook for the latest updates.

We look forward to celebrating our new exhibits with you…really soon!

Cheers & regards,

Drew D. Saur